6 steps to having sex with a girl


yYou may have met a girl that you are interested in when you were out and about and some how managed to bring her back home! You may be a bit nervous because this is the first time that you have ever managed to do this and you know that the next few moments could either make or break your chances of getting laid tonight! This is ABSOLUTELY normal and most guys feel a bit of nervousness to some degree. So how do you go about escalating the situation to a point where it seems appropriate to have sex with this girl?

Follow these 6 steps to having sex with a girl to ensure that everything goes to plan!

Step 1) As soon as you are entering your place of residence, attempt to get yourself comfortable as QUICKLY as you can. The sooner that you feel comfortable, the sooner that SHE will feel comfortable.

Step 2) Tell her to take her shoes off once she gets in the door! This is VERY important. Just use a line such as “Please take your shoes off, just house rules.” This will demonstrate that you take pride in your home and she will respect that! This may also help to cover up any nervousness that you might have.

Step 3) Once you are both in your home with your shoes off. Offer her a tour around your place! Even take her by the hand IF you feel that it is appropriate. Just show her that your place is safe and that there is nobody or anything that could harm her. Make sure that you use a good vibe and be playful about this! Try and throw in a joke when it is appropriate. After you do this, the girl will begin to feel A LOT more comfortable being with you in your home.

Step 4) Now that you are both comfortable, take her into the lounge and tell her to sit down! Say to her “My home is your home, make yourself comfortable!” Place your laptop on her lap and tell her to put on some music from Youtube whilst you go into the kitchen to pour both of you a drink. By giving her a task, you are allowing her to feel more involved and she will become more comfortable about you seducing her!

Step 5) Now go and pour both you and her a wine (or other beverage) each. DO NOT ask her if she would like a drink. I know this may seem unpolite but women like a man that takes action and who is not constantly asking for permission. Now walk into the lounge with a wine for both you and her and say “Get that down ya!” This is using a bit of humour and she will appreciate this. Now sit on a DIFFERENT seat to which she is sitting on and make sure that you have relaxed body language. Make sure that you tease her with a comment such as “Oh god! Do you like this music?” Make sure you do this is a way in which she knows that you are just joking with her. It is important that you do not sit right next to her because this will signal that you are overly desperate and is likely to make her feel uncomftable. Remember to take baby steps.

Step 6) Now start talking to her very casually and make sure that you keep the conversation as simple as you can. Do not start telling her about your life story or ask her for hers as this is not a “sexy” conversation. You want the conversation to be fun, playful and create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. You should spend the next 10-20 minutes by just building rapport between the two of you before you make your next move. Now I would encourage you to NOT hit on her until she has completely finished her glass of wine.

Quick Tip: ALWAYS ensure that your home or apartment is clean before you bring a girl home and ensure that you have at least one bottle of wine for the two of you to share.

If you are a very confident guy who is very experienced with women, you do not really need to follow my advice in this article. This advice is for guys who are either not very confident or are inexperienced with women and who need some guidelines to follow in order to be successful.

These were 6 steps to having sex with a girl!

Good luck and have fun!