5 Great First Date ideas


So you’ve scored met your potential dream girl, established rapport, grabbed her number and now stuck wondering… “WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I TAKE THIS GIRL?”

Organizing the first date can be a little daunting as you want a first date that builds your potential connection whilst minimizing the dreaded AWKWARD moments. A first date should ideally involve an activity that takes off the feeling of having to continuously making conversation. So where is the best location to take a girl on a first date? Never fear, here is a list of 5 great first date ideas that are sure to help you land that second date!

1) The bowling alley – The bowling alley is a great first date location because it provides an easy, casual environment where awkward chat is minimised and there is a touch of competitiveness that gives you the opportunity to tease your date! By engaging in an activity with your date, your focus does not need to be completely on her! Have a bowl, ask her a few questions and buy her a drink whilst having a good time! There is absolutely no down side to choosing the bowling alley as a first date location!

2) Small local gig – So perhaps there is a band that plays weekly at a particular bar that is local to you. This is a fantastic place to take a girl on a first date because it shows the girl that you like to get out and about and seem at least partially knowledgeable about the local music scene which is appealing to most women. Remember that this is a very casual first date so you won’t have to think about spending a fortune and it provides a scene for casual small talk whilst enjoying some good local music. It also helps if you have a quick chat to a member of the band in front of your date because it shows that you are social guy that knows good people from your community.

3) The ice skating rink – The ice skating rink is a great first date idea because it provides a fun, active environment which may require you and your date to work together to skate efficiently. The occasionally fall on your ass will provide you and your date with plenty of laughs and you have the perfect excuse to hold your dates hand!

4) Foreign food restaurant – Perhaps your local town has a sushi train or a distinctive foreign food restaurant that both your date and you are unlikely to have tried before. A foreign food restaurant will add a an element of adventure to your date and trying a new experience together will provide constant chat and build a connection that far exceeds any connection joined at any regular burger outlet!

5) The gym – YES THAT IS RIGHT! Remember that not all first dates require money or lengthy planning. By taking a girl to the gym (especially if you are a regular), you are showing confidence in the fact that you do not need to take her on a typical first date in order to impress her! Showing a girl that you like to work out and take your health seriously is a HUGE turn on to most girls. You may want to instruct her on how to use the squat rack or teach her various exercises. The gym is a casual environment where constant talk is not required and you get to check out this girls mean body!

Keep these 5 dating ideas in mind when you are next ready to take a new girl out on a date. Remember that you do not need to spend a large amount of money and that often less is more! As long as you show that you are able to have fun, provide a bit of teasing and keep your girl at least slightly entertained, you are very likely to form a relationship and get that desired second date!