How To Create A Lasting Impression On Women


Are you struggling to create a lasting impression on women? Are you struggling to create a lasting impression on almost everybody that you meet? Without truly realising it, you meet hundreds or even thousands of people every single year! And how many of them do you actually remember? It is A LOT less than you might think!

But have you ever considered why some people hang around in your mind while others just disappear without trace?

The truth is that there are a number of very specific reasons to why you are remembered by some people, but not existent to others.

But more importantly, let’s discuss how you can truly create a lasting impression on women that will keep you in their mind permanently! The more lasting good impressions that you leave on women, the more potential dates you can get.

Here are 8 ways that you can become UNFORGETTABLE to women!


1. Ask her about herself!

This one may seem a little “cliche” to mention. But far too many guys take a woman out, and then just talk about themselves! She probably will be happy to hear about your new promotion at work, or the new flash car that you got a great deal on. But when you forget to ask her about herself, you are showing a lack of interest in her! Think about it. Would you want to hang around a person that just talks about them self all day long? You’d soon get sick of it right? Well, it is the same with her! She wants you to be interested in not only what she does for a living, but what she does in her down time and the Netflix series that she binge watches every weekend.

In fact, one of the number one reasons why women lose interest in a guy is because the guy shows too little interest in her! So regardless of whether you care about the small stuff, ask her!

2. Remember the little things!

Ok so you might have been seeing a woman for a couple of dates. Or maybe you’ve just gone for a drink with her after work. Now remember that last time that you met and she said that she was going to her grandmothers 80th that weekend? Ask her about it! The thing is she may not even have felt that it was important. But she will truly appreciate that you actually remembered that she had told you about her grandmothers upcoming 80th!

Now this is actually a lot more powerful than you may realise. Because as people, we are sort of wired to remember the significant things in our own lives and the lives of others. But when you show that you’ve remembered something that is of little significance to you, it shows that you take the time to think about and care about the minor aspects of other peoples lives. It is a sign of empathy and it is also a sign of being a good listener!

Women absolutely love a guy that pays attention to the minor details of her life. It shows that you care and that you are interested in her as a person. So asking her how her day has been may go a long way, but asking her about the thing that she expected you to forget is what will take you to the next level with her!

3. Put your phone away and pay FULL attention to her!

You may think that a cheeky look at your phone every few minutes is perfectly fine with her. But she will notice this and immediately think that you are not all that interested in her. She may not even do this on a conscious level. But chances are that further down the track, she is going to remember you as the guy who was more interested in your phone than her!

So what you need to do is give her ALL of your attention! Do you very best to pay attention to everything she does and says. When she tells you something, use that small thing as a reference point later on in the conversation. This will show that you are not only a good listener, but an excellent communicator. And women love that! Paying complete attention is an almost sure method of leaving a good lasting impression.

4. Compliment her on something that she has chosen to wear!

Now this one is bigger than you might think. And this something that SO MANY guys get wrong! Complimenting a woman on something that she has chosen to wear elicits conversation a lot better than complimenting her on a natural physical attribute. For example, telling her that you really like her shoes allows her to tell you about where she got the shoes from and even for what event she bought her shoes for! This elicits more conversation than a comment on her eye colour because this will just make her feel a bit awkward. And it is very difficult for her to bridge this comment into something that leads to conversation.

5. Dress the part!

Now I know I seem to mention dressing well in almost all of my articles! But the truth is that dressing well is such a critical part of leaving a good lasting impression on ANYONE! People make their first impression of you within only about 5 seconds of seeing you. And overcoming a bad first impression is actually a lot more difficult than you might think. I believe that people are wired to make very fast impressions of others as a defence mechanism. And unfortunately, if you can’t help people to make a good first impression of you, you are going to have a tough time to change their mind.

And women care about how you dress A LOT more than other guys do. Dressing well shows that you take care of yourself, know how to present yourself, it makes you look more successful, boosts your self confidence and it creates a great first impression!

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6. Be Careful About How You Interact With Other People In Front of Her!

Now this can catch a lot of guys out! They behave a certain away to the girl that they are talking to. And then they “Switch off” and act differently when talking to another person. She will notice this and begin to think that you are simply trying to impress her. This is not good! Yes, you want to impress her but you want to be consistent with how you act! If she sees that lack of consistency with how you interact with her in comparison to others, she will probably like you a lot less!

7. Flirt!

Women don’t want to see you as another guy that just wants to take her home or take her number! They want you to challenge them! They want to see your inner confidence shine and to see you be playful! Yes I want you to pay her full attention. But you also need to tease her, question her and put her on the edge of her seat. You and I both know that deep down, she probably wants the same from you as you do from her. So talking about your boring job or asking her about her overseas trip is only going to take you so far! You need to come across as the sort of guy that a lot of women want! And if you act desperately interested in her, she is going to see you as a “low value” kind of guy! You need to practice the art of flirtation until you get good! Go out and have as many fun interactions with as many people as you can! You will thank yourself for this later.

8. Clearly Demonstrate Your Interest In Her And Arrange To Meet Again!

So now the interaction is coming to an end. And either you or her need to leave. This is what it all comes down to! Tell her that you enjoyed her company and would like to see her again! Be cool and casual about this! Do not make this like a big proposal. Just tell her that you would like to see her for a drink some time, and place your phone in her hand so that she can give you her number. That’s it! Make this smooth and quick. If you feel that she was even a bit interested in you throughout your interaction, 9 times out of 10 she will give you her number. And if she doesn’t? Well then who cares? You still had a good interaction and had a good practice session for the next girl that you meet!

Being upfront about your interest in her and arranging some future meet up is crucial! A lot of guys simply end the interaction and hope to see her again later on. The problem with this is that any spark that was created, is very likely to be gone when you first meet! If you wait to ask her out when you next meet, it is going to be very hard to escalate that next interaction onto something on another level. Because everything that you should say to her, has already been said! Now not all hope is lost but women generally want a man who is upfront and confident about what he wants. They don’t want a guy who is keen but has to “pluck up” the courage to ask them out!