Why Nice Guys Finish Last


serious businessman in suit running at outdoor against benchIt’s the age old question! Why the HELL do nice guys get a girl last? Well, the answer to this question is rather complicated. To put it simply, women LOVE self confidence, leadership, security, excitement, and spontaneity, and the truth is, “bad” guys seem to possess these qualities more often than not. Bad guys exert confidence by being up front with what they want, they articulate the things that piss them off and they show courage in doing so. Bad guys see it as a weakness to show any kind of nervousness or insecurity so frequently project these insecurities on to other people and this is wrongly labelled as confidence by women. The bad guys are VERY good at putting on a persona, and are interesting while doing so. Bad guys protect those who are close to them and are not afraid to wrong do anyone who gets in their way. This is seen as a form of security by women and again, this makes the bad guy so much more attractive! Women absolutely love the idea of “taming the lion”. Women love the challenges and excitement that comes with the bad boy package and know that their relationship is very unlikely to become boring. The bad guys takes women on a journey that is not on a straight road, they challenge her, they challenge her emotions, they challenge her intelligence and they just provide a series of challenges that women LOVE!

On the other hand, more often than not, nice guys do not exert self confidence, leadership, security, and spontaneity. The nice guys may provide the bacon, but they do not provide the movie. The nice guys cannot be tamed, THEY ALREADY ARE TAMED! Nice guys are overly concerned about self image and what they can provide, in order to be more desired by women. When you are concerned with trying to impress a girl, you are NOT going to impress her! The nice guy does not provide a challenge, he is afraid of trouble, he does not tease women! Again, this only makes it easier for him to be forgotten by women. The nice guy is afraid of saying things that are outside of his comfort zone and this is perceived as nervousness and low confidence by women. Nice guys agree with what women say FAR too often whereas the bad guy does not give a crap as to whether or not women agree with what he is saying. The bad guy is remembered, the nice guy is not! The bad guy flirts, the nice guy DOES NOT!

So after reading this article, do not get a tattoo and become a genuine dickhead! Rather, you need to evaluate how you treat women and determine whether or not you possess the qualities of self confidence, leadership, security, excitement and spontaneity. If you do not possess these qualities, you should make every effort to ensure that you develop these qualities! Learn to flirt. Start teasing women, and stop taking yourself so seriously! It is nobodies fault but your own. Remember that the fact that you are a nice guy is not why you are not getting laid. You are not getting laid simply because you are not demonstrating the qualities that bad guys frequently demonstrate!