Do women care about a man’s looks?


Portrait of young man wearing suspenders in urban backgroundAs guys, we assume that because we are judging women by their appearance, they too are judging us by our appearance. This is far from the truth. However, it is not too far from the truth. Yes, women do care about a guy’s appearance, but women are not fixated on what men look like. So what does this mean? Women care that a man is well dressed, well groomed and respectable looking, but women do not require men to have washboard abs and the face of Brad Pitt. Being Brad Pitt’s long lost twin brother will certainly make you appealing to many women (that is just human nature) but as far as women are concerned, good looks will only take you so far.

So you now may or may not be relieved to know that good looks alone won’t “cut it” when it comes to attracting women, but you are left with the question “What are women attracted to?” There is a list of key features that women look for in men. These features include honesty, intelligence, confidence, security, strength and loyalty. So remember that if you want to start attracting women you need to demonstrate your ability to communicate these features. Women will 9 times out of 10, choose a man that is funny and confident, over a man that simply has good looks. Having good looks may in fact be a big factor in your level of confidence and humour, but having good looks is not necessary in order to become funny and confident. Becoming funny and confident comes from deep within. If you want to become more attractive to women, learn to love yourself, learn who you really are, strengthen your mind, show that you are loyal, show that you provide security, show that you have direction and don’t think that you have to look good in order to get women.