Extend Your Boundaries!


FAs people, it is natural for us to seek safety. It is built into our genes that we will only do or attempt things that sit within these boundaries that we set for ourselves. In fact, it is very good that we have set boundaries for ourselves. We have all constructed both physical and mental boundaries for ourselves that protect us from doing things that could potentially hurt us, or that we think could hurt us. Without these boundaries, we would be jumping from cliffs, stabbing people and committing crimes mercilessly. So it is in fact good that we set these boundaries to limit what we will and will not allow ourselves to do. However, there is a significant flaw that arises when we establish these boundaries. That flaw is that because we have set such concrete boundaries for ourselves, it is so difficult for us to progress as individuals. These boundaries that we have set, dictate what is normal, what is acceptable and what we cannot do under any conditions. But because these boundaries are so concrete, these boundaries cause us to create habits. These habits are specific behaviours that sit only within these boundaries. When we seek progression, only minimal progression can be made when we act within these boundaries. For example, speaking with our friends is an activity that sits within our boundaries, and we progress from this by building relationships and building ourselves as people. But because approaching a stranger is a behaviour that so many of us consider to be outside of our own boundaries, we rarely do this and as a result, we do not build as many relationships or attain the advanced social skills or confidence that we would see as beneficial to ourselves.

So keep in mind, if growing dramatically as a person was a straight forward and easy process, we would ALL be doing it.

This is why you need to extend your boundaries if you REALLY REALLY
want to grow and develop as a person. The stars are almost literally the limit so you really need to consider what kind of person you want to be, and you need to extend your boundaries that you currently hold around yourself in order to become that person that you really do want to become.




Good luck!