Find Your Passion


guitarist hands playing country guitarWomen absolutely LOVE men that have passion. They crave them! Having a passion means that you are most likely enjoying life and that you love getting out of bed in the morning. A passion really does show that you have a sense of drive and that you have the ability to love something. You may have a passion for almost anything. It could be surfing, music, painting, photography or travelling. Not only can a passion make you more attractive to women, a passion will more easily allow you to find a group of friends who are similar to you, and who share a large variety of interests that you have.

But why exactly is it important for a woman to have a man who is passionate?

People who have a passion, have an energy about them that draws other people, like bees to honey. It seems to be just built into the genes of people to like and admire people who have a passion. Passion signifies commitment, love and energy. These are 3 characteristics that people naturally look for in others.

So how do you find your passion?

Consider this quote, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” What this really means is that you have to engage in doing what you think that you might love, in order to figure out if you do in fact love what you thought that you might love. For example, you may think that you may love painting. But you need to very carefully consider why you think you might love painting. Do you think that it would be an easy way to make money? Does it relieve stress and anxiety from your every day life? Do you have a friend that is a really talented painter? Do you genuinely admire the work of great artists and aspire to make a name for yourself in the world of art? You need to consider these kind of thoughts and engage in painting physically, in order to decipher whether or not it is really your passion.

How can you make finding your passion, a little easier?

Start trying to be passionate about EVERYTHING that you do! When you get out of bed, get to that shower as if it was Christmas morning! When you do the dishes, scrub those dishes as if there is no tomorrow! Just be passionate!

Why exactly should you try and be passionate about everything that you do?

Because passion is contagious! That is right. When you begin to implement passion into your life, it really does become addictive, and it makes it so much more easy to become passionate about other things that feature within your life!

Once you have found your passion, it is important that you continue to engage with this passion and keep the drive in order to attain this passion that you have. However, if you struggle to continue engaging in this activity, you should really consider if you really do in fact have any passion for this activity.

So remember, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” So stop thinking, and start taking action!

That is how to find your passion!