How to Improve Your Style


Dollarphotoclub_73191489It is no secret that good style is a HUGE turn on for women. In fact, approximately 85% of women surveyed, stated that they found a man who dresses well to be more attractive than a man who has a lot of money! Not only is good style attractive to women, good style dramatically improves ones self confidence and self belief. Have you noticed that a lot of the guys that you see who are popular and get the girls, have excellent style? This is no coincidence. Good style is a HUGE game changer when it comes to getting women! Here are 5 tips to consider, if you want to learn how to improve your style instantly!

Tip 1) Make sure that you wear clothes that fit! This may seem intuitive, but it is a lot more important than you might think. You will be surprised by the number of guys who wear clothing that doesn’t fit them, and it makes a HUGE difference! You should want your clothing to look like they have been hand made specifically for you! So how do you know if a piece of clothing is a good fit or not? Well first of all, if you find yourself questioning whether or not something fits, then it probably does not fit!  A good rule of thumb is to look where the shoulder seams lie. The shoulders seams should fit in between your upper arm and your scapula. You shouldn’t need too much of an explanation of whether or not a piece of clothing fits. Your best bet is to talk to the retailer at the store, and get them to decide what fits you. Chances are that their knowledge of what fits, is far greater than yours! I can’t stress this enough, baggy clothing just makes you look like a slob (99% of the time).

Tip 2) Mind your shoes! Your shoes can actually make or break your entire outfit! If you are wearing amazing clothing but your shoes aren’t up to par, it can ruin the whole outfit! This is no exaggeration! Think of it this way, women have spent almost their entire lives admiring and learning about shoes. Women do not only judge their own shoes, they judge every other woman’s shoes and your shoes as well! If women think that your shoes matter, they definitely matter! Do not be afraid to splash out a little on some really nice shoes. It is better to have one pair of good shoes that last you for years, than to have 4 pairs of budget branded shoes that you only bought because of the price.

Tip 3) Stay in great shape! Although this is not exactly fashion advice, it is SO much easier to look good and feel better in clothing when you are in good shape! If you see a muscular, athletic guy and an overweight guy wearing the same outfit, the muscular, more athletic guy will look better, the vast majority of the time. It is the sad truth that people in bad shape simply do not usually have as much style or look as good as people who are in better shape. Use this as some motivation! Cut the carbs, increase the exercise, and you will thank yourself so much later on!

Tip 4) Ask for feedback from as many people as you can! Do not just take your mother’s or friend’s word for what looks good on you. Chances are that they simply do not want to upset you, or they know as little as you do! Even suck up the courage to ask a total stranger at the mall! You could even use this as an excuse to meet an attractive lady. The more people that you ask for style advice, the better the chances that you will pick out the clothing that is the best! Of course it is important that you like and feel comfortable with what you wear, but an outside perspective is a little less biased and often is a better perspective that your own! Avoid just asking the retailer workers at the clothing store, because they often have an incentive to try and make you purchase the most expensive item, because they earn commission on what they sell!

Tip 5) Make sure that you wear appropriate combinations of clothing! What you wear on your torso, should be an appropriate fit with what trousers you wear. For example, if you are wearing a big and rugged sweater, your pants should be at least some what rugged too. You do not want to look like both a sportsman and a hipster at the same time. It doesn’t work and it makes you look clueless.

From now on, when you are out and about, start paying more attention to the guys who look like they have good style, and take note of what they are wearing. Even chat to these guys and tell them that you like their outfit, and ask them where they get some or their good clothing. The more that you can do to increase your fashion sense, the better you will able to make wise choices when choosing what to wear.

That is how to improve your style!