Set Goals for Self Improvement!


Dollarphotoclub_58416241A lot of people really do underestimate the power of goal setting. Goal setting allows a man to feel more accomplished and to feel more engaged in the task at hand. Think of it as like a road to a destination. It is very difficult to get to a specific destination without knowing the route to that destination. So in order to get there, you need a map! Having a map allows you to more easily get to your location with a direct path that you know will lead to you successfully getting to that location. The same is for goal setting! A big goal is a lot more achievable if you break it down into a bunch of smaller, more achievable goals.

A huge mistake that a lot of guys who want to start getting out and meeting women make is that they set goals that are either unrealistic or too far out of their comfort zone. For example, a very shy and socially unskilled man could say “I would like to meet 3 girls and get laid 3 times within one week.” Although this is definitely a possible goal, it is very unlikely to happen and is likely to lead this guy to become less motivated to meet women and get laid because he will find that he is being overloaded with anxiety and fear.

So what would be a better goal for this shy and socially unskilled man?

A better goal for this man would be to go out and MEET and CONVERSE with one woman for each day in a month. So at the end of a month, this man will have conversed with about 30 different women. This is a FAR more effective and efficient strategy because this man will be able to slowly but more surely improve both his self-confidence and his social skills. You see, taking small steps consistently is far more sustainable and effective than taking HUGE steps that are almost impossible to sustain. It is human nature to become less motivated when overwhelmed.

Becoming good with women has some similarities to becoming a bodybuilder. An aspiring bodybuilder must first learn the correct technique and exercises in order to grow more muscular, just like a man who wants to become better with women needs to first learn social skills and become more self-confident in order to become better with women. Both of these disciplines should first begin with simple but effective techniques, in order to maximise growth later on.
So if you are just starting out your journey of becoming a more attractive, self-confident man, it is incredibly beneficial for you to write down some small goals or tasks that you will like to accomplish, in order to lead to a much greater and more desirable goal!

This is why you should set goals for self improvement!

Good luck!