Stop Thinking So Much!


Dollarphotoclub_69733582 (1)Stop thinking so much! This may seem counter intuitive, but it is true. Do you know why some guys just some how manage to get a girl on a weekly basis whilst others don’t? One of the main reasons for this, is that a lot of guys that get girls frequently, do not think too much about it! These guys do not suffer from “analysis paralysis”.

Do you find yourself dwelling about the best way to meet a particular girl? Do you consider how you are going to respond if she rejects you? Do you think that you are too over weight to be attractive to women? Are you too shy? Do you need to finish reading ‘The Game’ (by Neil Strauss) before you start putting yourself out there and meeting women? If you can answer “Yes” to some or all of these questions, your problem is likely to be not that you are lacking in some areas, the problem is that you simply will not stop thinking so much! Stop over analysing things and start accepting things for what they are. That “pain” and heartache that you feel about a recent rejection or break up, is only there because you are thinking about it! Of course that this is more easily said than done, but this really does highlight an important point that you should think about more frequently. You need to realise that every “problem” that you think that you have, only exists because that “problem” is attached to a thought, and that thought is sitting in your head. Believe it or not, you choose the thoughts that run through your head. If you choose to dwell on negative thoughts that make your feel down and unmotivated, these thoughts are going to be projected through your stance, behaviour and attitude and this is going to make you a lot less attractive than you would like to be.

Of course it is important to think before you act, but it is far too frequent that people OVER THINK on things which results in not taking action or a lack of confidence if action is taken.

Do you need some proof in order to decide whether you are a person who over thinks things? Well, consider when you are drunk. When you are drunk, do you find that you have a heightened ability to communicate better with others than when you are sober? If this is what you do, then this means that when you are sober, you are over thinking things which results in you lacking the confidence to say what you truly want to say, and to say what comes from your heart.

Stop thinking so much and start having a little more confidence in your ability that you did not realise that you have! Sometimes your thinking is all that is hurting you.

“Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare