The Benefits of Mindfulness


“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

Mindfulness is a psychological process of channelling ones attention to the present moment. In Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is used to develop ones self-knowledge, wisdom, and to create a feeling of calm and wellbeing. The benefits of mindfulness can be discovered in a multitude of aspects of life.

A 2015 systematic review has provided evidence that the practice of mindfulness alleviates a number of both mental and physical disorders.

Have you ever considered better/alternative methods to cope with your anxiety, depression or lack of self-awareness? If so, mindfulness could be the practice that brings a lasting and permanent change to your life.

Here are 5 of the incredible benefits that the practice of Mindfulness has brought to my life:

1) Improved Sleep

I no longer find myself ruminating or dwelling for hours after I have hit the sack. I am now able to feel more at peace whilst trying to sleep and this has helped me to clock up a lot more hours of good quality sleep each night. Improved sleep has definitely been one of the main benefits of mindfulness for me.


2) Improved Concentration

Since I have been using mindfulness, I find that I can complete my day to day tasks with a more concentrated effort. I have found that my mind doesn’t seem to go off on its on path as much anymore and my ability to perform at my mental peak has improved significantly!




3) Increased self-confidence and less anxiety

I now feel a lot more at ease in social settings and I tend to worry a lot less about other areas of my life. Mindfulness has really helped me to feel a lot more confident about my own abilities and because of this, my social life has improved. I no longer dwell too much on the “What if” areas of my life.



4) A mind that feels “at peace”

Of course I still worry about things and I have my concerns. Now when I have a troubling thought, I can really break that thought down, analyse it and accept it. Because I can break down and understand a thought, I feel at peace with myself.


5) Increased Productivity

I feel that I am now doing a lot more better things with my time, and in a manner that is a lot more efficient than before. My more focussed, and less worrying mind allows me to channel my energy into what is truly important in the present moment.

If you would like to start using mindfulness to improve your life, check out this great instructional video here!

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