Your imperfections are what make you perfect!


imperfections abA lot of guys that want to start approaching and getting women have this notion that in order to have any success with women, they need to perfect themselves. A lot of guys seems to think that the reason why they aren’t getting girls is because they are not good looking enough, funny enough, smart enough or interesting enough. THIS SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE! Of course being a perfect person would be ideal at getting any kind of woman that you want. But the fact of the matter is, NOBODY IS PERFECT! As cliche as it sounds, not a soul on this planet is perfect. Everybody has their own fall backs and insecurities that more often that not, prevent them from chasing their dreams and desires. No woman is perfect, so 99% of women are not going to expect YOU to be perfect!

When you approach a girl, never feel that simply because you lack a bit of confidence or that you are a bit over weight, your chances of seeing this girl again are doomed. Most women will respect the fact that you took it upon yourself to approach her and express your interest in her. In fact, appearing slightly nervous will come across as FAR more attractive than a faked confident approach and will show the girl that you have nothing to hide. Even acknowledging the fact that you are nervous with a comment such as “Sorry I’m a bit nervous, but I just HAD to come and talk to you” will receive at least a bit of admiration most of the time.

The majority of good pick up artists are not good at what they do simply because they are a comedic genius like Will Ferrell, or have the looks of Brad Pitt or the bank account of Bill Gates, but they use their imperfections to their advantage. A good pick up artist may even acknowledge the fact that he is a bit over weight or lacks a bit of charisma or confidence and the fact that he acknowledges these things show women that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and that he is confident enough in himself to know that he is not perfect, but still has the courage to approach women regardless of these imperfections.

So during an approach, if you begin to run out of things to say or not know what to do next, stop stand back and simply just embrace it. You do not need to super smooth in order to be successful, but you just must retain your confidence and self esteem throughout. You must realize that from time to time your imperfections will result in a girl not being attracted to you but you must just embrace it, respect it, and move on. Nobody expects you to be perfect.

Your imperfections are what make you perfect!