3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Attracting Women


When you can’t seem to get a girl, it is soul destroying!


Would you like to know the reasons why you aren’t attracting women? Getting no “action” gets frustrating after a while. It hurts your self-confidence, it hurts your motivation and more than anything! And it can drive you completely crazy!

So why exactly are you not meeting and attracting the girls that you lust for?

Well here are perhaps the 3 most common reasons why you are getting either no or very little action in your life.

Reason 1) You are not approaching anyone!

I know, I know! This seems obvious. But this article could never be written without giving this reason an honourable mention. But seriously, if you are not approaching any girls, chances are that the amount of attention that you get is going to be VERY limited. Most girls prefer YOU to make the first interaction, so if you are just standing around at the bar or club either alone or with your friend, then you most likely will remain that way for the rest of the night. So you need to strike up a conversation or at least have a little more fun. You will meet and attract more girls this way, it’s a no brainer!

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”


Reason 2) You lack self-confidence!

Did you not that as much as 95% of communication is done through your body language and not what you say? I hate to say it but low self-confidence is a huge turn off to a girl!

How is a girl going to trust you to entertain her? To look after her? And protect her when you don’t even have the confidence to trust yourself? If you have low confidence, it’s not going to take long for a girl to see this. And this sadly is a huge attraction killer!

If you do suffer from low self-confidence, this is something that you are going to have to address quickly. What is causing this low self-confidence and how are you going to remove this hurdle? Perhaps you need to get in better shape, dress a little sharper and develop your interpersonal skills. Because without addressing this issue, you are very much limiting your potential to meet and attract women

Reason 3) You are trying too hard!

This is kind of like the polar opposite to not approaching anyone! Acts of desperation are a sign of low social value! If you want to have reoccurring and lasting success with women, you are going to have to create that success from actually being attractive in one way or another in a way that isn’t forced. What I mean is that when you are visibly desperate to meet and attract women it comes across as unnatural, potentially “creepy” and very quickly destroys or belittles your level of perceived attractiveness!

Obviously this list could have been a lot longer but please just take the time to ponder these 3 reasons why you aren’t attracting women! If you want true and lasting success with women, these 3 factors are without a doubt going to come into play!

Good luck!