3 Tricks for Beating Social Anxiety


Dollarphotoclub_72092260 (1)Often when a man goes out with a group of friends, he begins to feel a tremendous amount of pressure and anxiety just from the fact that he knows that he is about to enter a very social environment. Social anxiety affects almost every one of us to some level or another, but the good news is that we can beat social anxiety! Although beating social anxiety can be a long process, it can be shortened dramatically.

Here is a list of 3 tricks for beating social anxiety!

Tip 1) Get into the habit of being sociable! This does not mean that you have to drop everything right now and go out and meet a girl on the street! What you should do is just get out of your own head, put some music on and just do WHATEVER it is that will make you feel a little bit more sociable in the current moment. So throw on your favourite music or some motivational speech whilst you have a shave, shower and get ready to go out! Just do ANYTHING that can get your endorphins flowing and get the mood right. This is what you should do before anything else. Just focus on doing this and then see how your mood changes.

Tip 2) Create a little challenge for yourself! So you may be going out tonight, how could you make tonight better, more sociable and more memorable than the last time that you went out? Create a plan! Get a little notebook, put today’s date and write AT LEAST ONE thing that you would like to accomplish tonight. For example, you might want to meet 5 different people. Fantastic! Make this your challenge and commit yourself to doing it! Make sure that you DO NOT leave that venue until you have met 5 different people. Try and complete an entire booklet full of these kinds of challenges and then watch and see how your life makes a turn for the better!

Tip 3) When you get to wherever that you are going, start socialising IMMEDIATELY! When going to a popular bar or club, a lot of guys try to find a seat and hide away as soon as they get into the door. The mentality that these guys have is that they feel as though they can just warm themselves into the occasion before they start socialising with other people. This is a huge mistake because just sitting around and waiting for things to happen is only going to make the anxiety worse, and you get far too comfortable for too long. What you need to do is go STRAIGHT to the bar when you get in the door and just strike up a conversation with the bar girl and get a drink. This will get things flowing and off to a good start, before you start blending into your surroundings and get your vocal cords flowing. It is much easier to continue with what you are doing than begin doing something new! Just remember that!

Keep in mind that almost everybody gets social anxiety to some point or another. However, by having a manageable strategy and plan of attack for how you are going to improve your coolness, you DEFINITELY will be able to feel less social anxiety and feel more at ease within every social encounter that you come across.

These were 3 tricks for beating social anxiety!