How To Attract Women Without Talking


Let’s learn how to attract women without talking! Most of the advice that you will hear around attracting women centres around how to verbally communicate with a girl in order to create any kind of attraction. But what most guys don’t realise or fully appreciate is that attracting women is mostly done through how you act before, during, and after the interaction has even happened. It is very widely believed that communication is in fact about 90% non verbal and only 10% verbal. This is why it is hugely beneficial to learn how to attract women without talking. The good news is that this can be learned even easier than learning the art of flirtation and conversation.

Let this article be your comprehensive guide to learning and eventually mastering the art of how to attract women without talking!

Attract women with your eyes!attract women without talking through eye contact

It is impossible to talk about good non verbal communication without talking about eye contact. Poor eye contact is possibly the BIGGEST non verbal barrier to many guys attracting the women that they want.

Why is this?

Because eye contact is such a massive determinant of your confidence and character! Men that lack confidence look to the floor, avoid eye contact and are closed off to interaction. When women look at these men, they look away! These men are nonverbally saying “I have no confidence in myself”.

On the other hand, confident men initiate communication with eye contact, maintain eye contact and demonstrate confidence and even charisma through eye contact. These men effectively demonstrate that they have the confidence and ability to hold themselves in a social setting. These are men that can back themselves.

So ensure to use eye contact to initiate conversation, hold conversation and demonstrate your value.

Attract women through confident body language!attract women without talking through confident body language

Again, this is a BIG ONE! Body language is MASSIVELY important when it comes to communication with anybody. It is also especially important when it comes to attracting women. Now bear in mind that confident body language could be an entire book in itself. It is a topic that you can talk about all day without full grasping every aspect of it.

The good news is that confident body language for the most part is fairly easy to learn. By sitting, or standing upright with your hands by your sides and shoulders back, you can demonstrate that you are a confident, capable person. Now this may sound overly simply but contrast this to a person who is slouched over and trying to make themselves look small. You can easily see how simply standing upright can have a massive impact on how confident you both look and feel.

Just for a little experiment, practice sitting or standing slouched over for 30 seconds. Follow this by standing or sitting upright, with your shoulders back. Do you notice a difference in both how you feel and might look?

Social proof will help you to attract women without talking!

Have you noticed that you tend to find yourself attracted to those who are already liked by and are often around others? This is because our brains are wired to trust and want to connect with others who are proven to be “worthy” by other people. It is sort of like a “short cut” to connecting with a person that you like without having to weed out all of the people that don’t meet your desired criteria.attract women without talking through social proof

So what does this mean for you?

When you are out and about, connect with EVERYBODY. If you are at a bar, strike up a conversation with the barman, chat to the person next to you at the bar, bring your friends to the bar! The more that a girl can see that you are having a good time and are liked by others, the more curious she will become with you!

Social proof will help you to attract women without talking a lot more than simply showing up to a bar by yourself and standing to the side with the hopes of a woman approaching you!

Dress Well!

attract women without talking through dressing well

You can learn so much about a person by the way that they dress! Could you imagine turning up to a bar with old, baggy, stained clothing and having people flock around to talk to you? It just doesn’t happen! People form their first impression of you in only a matter of seconds! Dressing well is perhaps one of the most easy ways to form a good impression on other people. By simply spending a little bit of money, you can get an outfit that is fashionable and makes you A LOT easier on the eye. Seriously! I noticed that when I began to dress a lot nicer than a normally do, I got A LOT more positive attention from those around me. When a person dresses well it makes them look more intelligent, attractive, self aware and even more social!

It is kind of like your clothing does the work for you!

Communicate through touch!attract women without talking through touch

Now I need to be a little careful when explaining this one. I am not trying to tell you to go around touching every single person that you meet! What I am trying to say is that by using a little touch here and there, you can dramatically increase the connection that you make with other people as well as communicate confidence and a “healthy” amount of dominance. The use of touch has even been proven to build a stronger connection between two people.

If you are talking to a girl that you like and she makes you laugh, you can lightly grab her shoulder for a little moment to show your appreciation and amplify your communication. This will allow her to feel closer to you and she will even feel more comfortable touching you back! This allows for a much lighter and playful communication  that is hard to replicate through words alone.

Be careful to not go overboard with touching and only use it momentarily from time to time. Too much touching can become creepy, uncomfortable and a bit much.

So keep it short, playful and really use it to amplify what both you and her are saying. It can really create a much stronger connection!

Mirror her body language!attract women without talking through mirroring body language

Self help guru Tony Robbins is a massive proponent of this one! Mirroring the body language of a person that you are talking to is a scientifically proven method of building rapport and connection. Have you noticed that when two friends are conversing, it is very often that their body language is “in sync” with each other? They just seem to copy each other’s posture and tone of voice. This is because the human brain is wired to seek out those who we can relate to in a positive way. And when we find that connection with another person, we subconsciously communicate our like for that person by reflecting the actions of that person with our body language.

And the good news is that you can use body language mirroring as a “hack” to your advantage. When you meet a girl that you fancy, you can subtly copy her body language to “trick” her into feeling more comfortable and closer to you. This is something that a lot of people know about, but only a very small percentage of people do this to consciously to gain an advantage.

Mirroring body language is arguably the best and easiest way to attract women without talking!

CONFIDENCE!attract women without talking through confidence

Now of course confidence relates to every other part of this article in one way or another. But the truth is that confidence is a MASSIVE part of attraction. And it is an especially big part of how to attract women without talking. Now I could spend all day telling you about how you can stand wide and tall, to demonstrate your confidence. But the truth is that confidence really does come from within, and shines out to those around you. What I mean is that the best way to appear confident, is to truly FEEL confident.

Unfortunately feeling confident is a lot easier said than done. And the only true way to demonstrate long lasting confidence, is to truly feel it.

Though confidence does come and go and learning to feel confident in situations where you normally wouldn’t have, is a real boost to your arsenal.

World famous clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson has a lot to say about building self confidence. Peterson is a firm believer that rock solid self confidence is built through repeated social interactions with others.

Once you truly have built that rock solid self confidence, attracting those around you becomes seemingly effortless.

Make women chase you!drinks together

Now this is perhaps the easiest way to attract women without talking. When you go to a music bar or club, who do you notice to have the most people around them? It’s typically the people who appear to be having the most fun! So go figure! When you are out and about with your friends (or even alone), focus on having a damn good time! See, you shouldn’t just be focusing on how you act and appear to others. By simply being seen to be having a great time, you are going to naturally attract those around you who want to have a bite of your energy! Get the shots flowing and the body pumping and just have fun.