How to get a girls number


So you’ve approached a nice girl and opened the set successfully, got her talking and built rapport with her, but now you want to get down to business with the all-important number grab! You feel your nerves kicking in, you are about to find out whether her interaction with you was really genuine interest or just a friendly conversation to be nice.

If there is only one piece of advice that I would like you to take away from this article, that advice would be that you should get her number DURING the conversation and not ask her for her number at the end of the interaction. Some people will disagree with this but the reason is that, by asking for her number during an interaction, you are requesting her number when she is feeling the most at ease. Remember that this is not a marriage proposal so just physically place your phone in her hand and say “Put your number in my phone, it would be cool to hang out some time” followed by continuing with your conversation. Avoid asking, “Can I have your number?” at the end of the interaction because then you are giving her the position of power. By telling her to put her number in your phone in a friendly tone, you are not giving her a coin toss decision to make, but rather demonstrating your interest in her in a friendly tone.

Remember that it is important that you build rapport with her before requesting her number. You don’t need to of had an hour long conversation with her but even a 3 minute conversation that sparks interest and build an element of chemistry is enough to request her number.