5 good reasons as to why you should get to the bar earlier in the night


Group of cheerful people toasting with drinksThe traditional Saturday night typically looks like this; you have a few too many drinks with your buddies before hitting town. You have to wait tediously for ages, just to get into the club. You are then in a highly crowded bar with a guy to girl ratio of 5/1. Every hot girl in the bar has been hit on countless times by drunken, pathetic individuals and subsequently the difficulty of even getting a decent looking girl has increased dramatically. The music is loud, you feel yourself sobering up and therefore your level of confidence to pull a bird is plummeting. You feel like you now are part of a heard of sheep that is going nowhere. Your chances of getting laid tonight are pretty darn slim.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Despite popular belief, getting to the bar early has several advantages over hitting town later in the night. Here are 5 good reasons as to why you should get to the bar earlier in the night!

1) Hot foreign women get to town early! – In foreign locations, foreigners typically get to the bars earlier in the night. This is because they do not know about the current club partying scenes in your country and they feel a lot more comfortable and safe at the bars in the earlier hours of the evening. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to get amongst the hot foreign women and exercise your game to the best of your ability. You can start by “curiously” asking these foreign women where they are from and sharing a few drinks with these foreigners in a low risk, casual environment.

2) You can build social proof! – Get to the bar early and get to know the bar man. Even get to know more staff (if possible). This is beneficial when you meet women because you can show that you are a cool, genuine guy that obviously likes to network. When women that you have just met, see you conversing with plenty of other people in the bar, they will think that you are somebody of importance and their initial trust and desire in you will become more real. This also will allow you to snap your fingers at the barman later on for faster service and it will show the lady that you are with, that you have at least a bit of authority within this location and that in itself is also attractive to women.

3) The bar is quieter! – The bar is a very common place to socialize and it seems very appropriate that a guy or couple of guys who have just entered a bar, would like to meet some strangers. The slight tipsy feeling in a quiet environment is ideal for meeting, attracting and seducing women. The noisiness of a bar late at night makes conversing with women almost impossible and unappealing. So get to the bar when it is quiet, it is just easier!

4) The girl to guy ratio is higher! – A lot of women tend to avoid the late night club/bar scene simply because they HATE being constantly hit on by drunk guys. Therefore, the bar is much more full of women earlier in the night than later in the night. The fact that you are less likely to be super drunk at the bar earlier in the night means that women are usually much more prepared to meet and talk to men. This gives you an excellent opportunity to exercise your game and get your phones filled with more numbers before the night has even begun!

5) You can go on an instant date with a girl that you meet! – Earlier in the night, women are already looking for fun! By meeting and attracting a girl at the bar earlier in the night, you can rest assure that you and the girl have all of the time in the world. Once you request going to a new bar or another place, she doesn’t really have any reason to reject your request. More often than not, women will be more than happy to follow your lead!

If you are a day gamer, and want to learn how to get a girl in a bar, going out earlier in the night is a very good transition exercise into night time approaching. Earlier in the night, the numbers are in your favor. Take advantage of these reasons as to why you should get out earlier in the night!