How to kiss a girl for the first time


loveThat first kiss can be awkward, uncomfortable, daunting and risky. Knowing whether or not the attraction between the two of you is a two way street is usually not 100% accurate so it can seem difficult for a kiss to be a straight forward process.

The best thing to do when deciding when to kiss or not is to follow your gut. Your guy instinct is probably your best evidence when it comes to knowing when the time is right. However, it is not as simple as this. Follow these tips to ensure that you feel ready and make that first kiss right and know how to kiss a girl for the first time.

Be a man! Boys ask for permission, men give permission! Remember that you are the man, therefore you are in charge of the situation. As a man, it is your job to initiate interactions and activities, so that first kiss is your responsibility! Women do not want to be with a man that feels shy and awkward when it comes to making that move to first base. Women want a man that takes charge of the situation and expects women to follow. Do the right thing, go for the kiss when YOU feel like the time is right. Never trust that a girl will make that step forward to kiss you. It is your job, not hers.

Touch her before you kiss her! Either play a little bit with her hair, put your hand on her knee (if you are both sitting down) or lightly grasp her arm. How she responds to your first touch will give you a very good indication as to whether or not she is interested. Does she back away or give you a puzzled look when you touch her? This either means that she is attracted to you but shy, she is not interested or you simply have not built enough rapport and attraction between the two of you yet for you to proceed. Make a few light touches to get an understanding of her level of comfort and to make her more comfortable with you. She may respond by placing her hand on your leg/knee or squeezing your arm, if this response from her seems natural and non-hesitant, chances are that you are good to go! Go in for the kiss when you receive this positive touching response. The light touch is very simple, low risk but an extremely powerful way to build attraction and test the current level of attraction.

If she is looking into your eyes, then to your mouth, and then back into your eyes, she is most likely interested in kissing you! Watch closely to see when a girl that you are interacting with is doing this, obviously the time and place is also a key factor. Are you in the quiet corner of a bar or night club having a potentially intimate conversation that has built both rapport and attraction? If this is the case and her eyes are glancing from your eyes, to your mouth and back to your eyes, then there is a VERY strong chance that she is ready for you to kiss her.

Once both your emotional mind and your logical mind agree that she wants to kiss you, say to her “It is ok, I want to kiss you too.” Saying this line will demonstrate that you have a lot of confidence and that first kiss will seem so much better! She will be able to prepare for the kiss and both excitement and adrenaline will run through both of your veins. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind, so do it.

Only go in for the kiss once you have both settled down! Avoid going in for the kiss within the first 20 minutes of a date or within the first 2 minutes of the approach. It is essential that you build attraction and create a calm environment before you go in for the kiss. Make sure that it is not forced and that the attraction is mutual. Do not have a “I just want to get this over with” mentality.

Although this is some solid advice and will guide you to a successful first kiss with your next girl, it is more important than anything that you gut is telling you that the time is right. Avoid guessing, or taking risks. A strong confident approach is what you need to be successful in getting to first base!