How to Make an Impact With Women


Loving couple in the park. Vintage retro style with light leaksDo you find that your interactions that you have with women are short, boring and lead to no where? Do women frequently forget that they have met you or do they not seem to have a strong attraction towards you?

If you can answer “Yes” to these questions, then chances are that you do not know how to make an impact with women. Although there are a multitude of things that you may be doing wrong, if you take the following tips into account during your next interactions with women, you will find a SIGNIFICANT improvement to your success with women.

Here is how to make an impact with women!

Tip 1) Do not get too engaged in having a polite conversation! You need to focus on being more flirtacious as soon as possible! You need to learn to get out of your own comfort zone and start taking more calculated risks! Do you know what an alpha male really is? An alpha male is really just a man who is more willing to perform more risky behaviour in order to get what he wants. That is it! When you are being too polite when speaking to a girl, she is gathering information about you! The information that she is gathering is that you are the kind of guy that is NOT willing to take any risks with a girl. When a man flirts with a girl, he is adding “spice” to the conversation and demonstrating that he has both VALUE and CONFIDENCE. I really cannot stress how important it is to demonstrate both value and confidence when talking to a girl that you are attracted to. I am not telling you to refrain from giving compliments. But I would advise that when you give a compliment, you should follow it up with something that is a little bit cheeky. For example, you could give a compliment such as, “Wow. You really have great eyes.” But you could follow this up with a cheeky (not offensive) line such as “But they look a little blood shot. Is this because you are getting drunk?”

Both compliments and cheeky comments are effective methods of flirting with a girl. But they are more effective when you use a good balance of the two!

Tip 2) Use your head! I am not talking about how you use your brain but how you use your HEAD! Many guys shake their heads back and forth (in an agreement kind of way) when talking to a girl. This is an act of submission more than anything else! This is what slaves do to their kings and it is also what servants do to their masters! So why on earth should you be submissive to a girl that you are attracted to? If you do this, you are showing her that you have NO confidence in yourself and that you are overly desperate about trying to impress her! This is NOT an attractive trait at all!

So what should you do instead? Stand close to her but stand up straight! She willl then lean in towards you and she will go into “submission mode” for you! You should also hold your head a little higher instead of leaning in towards her. By doing this, you are luring her into your energy! This is how it should be if you want to be attractive to her!

Tip 3) Slow things down! The reason that I say this is because guys get anxious when in a conversation and start thinking, “I have to keep talking because there are some awkward silences.” But what actually happens in these silences is that you can actually own these moments with your own body language and eye contact by just slowing things down! By slowing things down, you able to add more impact to everything that you say! If you speak too fast, you forget what you are saying, SHE forgets what you are saying, everything becomes a blur, and you get all stressed and panicked!

Now I want to ask you a question. Who do you think is more attractive? A man who talks overly politely, submissively shakes his head far too often and speaks too fast, or a man who is more flirtatious, is not too submissive with his body language and speaks calmly, and is relaxed and flows through the conversation with ease and a coolness?

I think that you know the answer!

So that was how to make an impact with women!


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