How to motivate yourself to approach women


sexual woman relaxing and lying in bed wearing elegant bra, looking at cameraMOTIVATION! MOTVATION! MOTIVATION! The word “motivation” seems to be so overly used these days when it comes to any kind of self-development, that the word has almost become rendered meaningless. “Motivate yourself to get rich”, “Motivate yourself to study” “Motivate yourself to lose weight”. As an aspiring pick up artist, you may have told yourself, “I need to motivate myself to approach women.”

So how do you motivate yourself to approach and get good with women?

Well first of all, think of it like this; you are motivated to turn on your computer, because you are confident in your ability to simply press a button. You are motivated to travel, because you are confident in the fact that you know how to operate a car or other motorised vehicle and therefore you go places. It seems to be that if you have knowledge of how to do something, you are obviously more confident in your ability to perform that task and therefore you are motivated to do these things. It is very unlikely that you would have ever got out of bed in the morning, walked to the hospital and then applied for a job as a heart surgeon. Although heart surgeons are paid a lot of money, you are not motivated to apply for this job because you know that you do not have the sufficient knowledge of the required tools, and techniques that are performed in order to successfully complete the heart surgery process. So it is very clear that lacking the ability and know-how to do something, will result in lacking the confidence to do that job and therefore you are not motivated to perform that task because you know that you will simply fail. So how does this apply to approaching and getting good with women? If you do not know what to say to women, what to do with women and how to handle every scenario that involves both you and an attractive woman, it is very unlikely that you will be motivated to approach women due to your lack of confidence from not knowing how to perform these functions. So in order to motivate yourself to approach women and get good with women, it is vital that you study at least the basics of approaching women, you must be familiar with what to say and what not to say and it is helpful to learn about the psychology of women and what they want. Obviously the process of learning to approach and get good with women is A LOT different than the process of going to medical school in order to become a doctor but the fact of the matter is that with knowledge of how to approach women, attract women and seduce women in a manner that maximises your chances of doing so successfully, you are able to put these techniques and tips to practice due to the fact that you are more confident in your ability to approach, attract and seduce women and therefore more motivated to approach and get good with women.

Remember that you can say “I want to motivate myself to approach women.”, but without acknowledging the fact that you have a problem, and that this problem can only be solved through acquiring knowledge and therefore building confidence, it is very unlikely that you will ever truly be motivated to approach women. You need to start realising how bad you truly want to start approaching women, because you can tell all your friends that you are going to start approaching women but this will never happen if you have no motivation, and the best method to gain motivation is to gather confidence, and the best way to gather confidence is through education.

So ask yourself how bad you TRULY want to get women, and if you are unable to get off your chair RIGHT NOT and start approaching women, you obviously do not want women that badly. You just “kind of” want it and therefore you need confidence, and that is acquired through education.