How to text a girl


MSo you get a girls number and would like to capitalize on this opportunity to get yourself a well deserved date! So, what should you do? Should you break the ice with a jokey text or compliment her on some specific characteristic that she has? Or you may even give her a phone call for an instant date? A large percentage of the time, when a girl gives you her number, she is genuinely interested in you. However, some time between attaining her number and organizing your first get together, you are likely to make one of many mistakes that guys commonly make when communicating with a girl via text messaging. Here is a list of tips that will help to maximize your chances of turning numbers into dates!

1) Start the text conversation by telling her that you are about to do something that is pretty cool, but do not invite her! When most guys get a girls number, they text her and invite her to this activity that they are about to do. By instantly inviting a girl to join in your activity, you are basically saying “I am going to do something really cool but it won’t be as good without you!” This gives the girl far too much value. Often by making a girl a little bit jealous, you are building your own value towards her! She has not deserved to do this really cool thing with you yet, so resist the urge to constantly invite girls to every new activity that you take part in!

2) Ensure that the length of your text messages match a similar length to the text messages that you are receiving from your potential girl! Remember that interactions are a two way process! By sending text messages that are far longer than the messages that you are receiving, you are signalling desperation! By sending messages that are too short, you are demonstrating a lack of interest. Try to maintain an image that sits between the boundaries of desperation and boredom. Both desperation and boredom are very ugly traits to be communicating to women!

3) Avoid sending virtual kisses! Generally virtual kisses should be reserved for girls who want to send messages to their friends, and guys that send messages to their girlfriends! You are neither a friend or a boyfriend! By sending kisses to a girl that you have just met, you are giving this girl far too much value! Remember that a girl has to earn the right to be your girlfriend, she does not earn that title after a short interaction at a bar or public place!

4) Do not tell her how AMAZING it was to meet her! Doing this just gives her too much value and signals that you are desperate. Remember that you are just a cool guy that thinks the girl that you met is kind of interesting and you would like to give her a chance. That is it! Do not go overboard! It is very rare that meeting a girl will be AMAZING, so pretending that is was, will not do you any favors.

Remember to take these tips into consideration when communicating with women through text messages, and if you REALLY want to learn how to text a girl, practice and find a method that works for you and your own personality. Do not try to communicate and image that does not represent you. Lying will only take you so far and will hinder any chances you have with women in the long run.