The Mall is a Great Place to Meet Women!


cShopping malls are a GREAT place to meet women during the day. In fact, it is actually a lot easier to meet women in malls than it is to meet them on the street! On the street, women tend to be very often in a rush, there are a lot cars and loud noises and they often feel stressed. But in malls, women are A LOT more casual, feel safer and are more open to conversation.

Here are 4 reasons as to why the mall is a great place to meet women!

Reason 1) One of the main advantages of approaching women in malls is that women are often prepared to go on instant dates in malls.The reason for this is that women tend to not like to be taken too far from their current location after you have only known them for a few minutes. As almost all malls have cafes and food outlets, you obviously do not need to take a girl very far, once you have met her in a mall! It also seems a lot more appropriate to suggest a quick coffee date with a girl when you meet her in a mall because the nearest cafe is only a maximum distance of 30 seconds away!

Reason 2) Women feel SO MUCH MORE safe in a mall than on the street. Being in a very loud, and public place such as on a street, forces people to put up their natural defense and to try to avoid interaction with strangers a lot more than they would in other places. If you suggest an instant date or get together with a girl on the street, you are then going to have to take her around a few blocks and different places in order to get to a specific location. This is just going to raise red flags for this girl and this girl is very likely to come up with reasons as to why she “can’t” go on a date with you.

Reason 3) The mall has a large abundance of women! You can literally find almost any kind of girl at the mall. The clothing shops are almost full with women, the majority of the retail workers are women, and the majority of the people at the mall are women! If you go to a busy mall and can’t find an attractive girl, you most likely have a problem!

Reason 4) It is SO much more easy to initiate a conversation with a girl at the mall, than on the street. Women are social creatures and if you go into an empty clothing store, the girl at the counter is most likely DYING to have a conversation with someone. And the best thing is, you can stay and talk for AS LONG as you like! These girls are being paid to be nice and friendly to you, so make this most out of this opportunity!

These were 4 reasons as to why the mall is a great place to meet women!

Note: Although the mall is a great place to meet women, keep in mind that it is important that you look occupied and on the move. The last thing that you want is to be identified as a bored guy who is just lurking around the mall trying to grab numbers.