Why Women Love Dominant Guys and How to be Dominant


dominant man abHave you ever been on a date where you stopped by your date’s house, brought her some flowers, before asking her where she wants to go, what she wants to eat and what time she wants to be home? If the answer is “Yes”, then you have been in a position in which you have shifted the dominant power from you to your date. You may have noticed that your date was not entirely interested in seeing you again. The reason for this is that women simply want to be with a man that demonstrates dominant behaviour. Dominant behaviour displays decisiveness, leadership, confidence, character, and the ability to provide security. These are all traits that women deeply desire. Women want a man that takes the lead. Women want a man that waves down the taxi driver, asks for better seats in the restaurant, tells the noisy neighbours to be quiet and makes sure your crowd is safe.

Imagine a wolf pack. Every wolf pack has a leader. The leader of that wolf pack is the strongest, fastest, most courageous, most confident, and the most decisive. The leader of the wolf pack, decides where to hunt, what to hunt and how to hunt. Every wolf wants to be the leader, and every woman wants the leader of the wolf pack.
So how do you be dominant? First of all, in order to learn how to demonstrate dominant behaviour, we first have to identify what may be INCORRECTLY identified as dominant behaviour. Dominant behaviour (as narcissistic as it may sound) is not telling your date what she should wear, do, eat, drink, or watch but rather leading your date. For example, you’ve been seeing a girl for a few weeks and decide to take her to the movies, she tells that she would really like to see the movie ‘Cuban Fury’, but you respond, “No, we are going to see ‘300’”. This is not an example of demonstrating dominant behaviour. This is an example of being a dick! Being a dick is definitely not attractive to women and will kill your date’s attraction towards you. You should demonstrate dominant behaviour by simply making decisions that your date doesn’t want to make in order to comfort your date by making her more secure and demonstrating that you are confident in yourself and know how to please a woman. Women that you take out, DO NOT want to be deciding what to do or where to go. Of course you want to avoid making your date do things she doesn’t want to do, but you should take the lead and make decisions that she does not want to make! If a pushy salesman comes to your date’s house (for whatever reason) and you see that she is not interested in making a purchase, it is YOUR job to tell the salesman that she is not interested and to close the situation. This is not difficult to do and goes a long way in impressing your date.

It is crucial that you remember the difference between dominant behaviour and aggressive behaviour. Dominant behaviour is taking the lead, where as aggressive behaviour is forceful, hostile and attacking. So next time you have a date or initiate a conversation, take the lead! If your subject is shy or passive, ask her questions that will make her more comfortable. If your subject is indecisive, try and make the decision for her! Just take the lead and your subject will follow more confidently, securely and feel in content.