How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone


Suppose, you meet a girl you instantly like. You gather courage to talk to her and soon enough, you share a pleasant conversation. She thinks that you are a “nice guy”. You wait for an opportune moment to ask her out. With time, your friendship becomes stronger, you now know her closely, help her out with all her problems and she talks to you like she talks with her girlfriends. Good, right? NO. You are stuck in a “Friend Zone”.

For most men, friend zone is the dreaded area where any and all hopes of a romantic relationship go to die. It is when a woman looks at you with completely asexual eyes; she treats you like she treats her closest friends, but not like she treats a man who she is attracted to. If you are not friends, you still have a realistic shot at romance, once you reach the friend zone; your chances become extremely slim.

Do Not Worry If You Are Friend Zoned

If the woman of your dreams starts to treat you like her best friend and confidant, do not panic. You might be irrevocably friend zoned, but there are methods to get out of it. Getting out of a friend zone is not easy, and requires patience and perseverance, but the rewards are worth it.

How to get out of the Friend Zone.

Acceptance: In order to change a situation, you must accept it. Do not be in denial that your relationship can have any other levels if allowed to continue down this path. Once you have accepted this fact, it becomes easier to chalk out your next action.
Limit Your Availability: When earlier, you would have been at her every beck and call, now you should take some time out for yourself. Do not call her back the instant you miss one of her calls. Do not meet her as regularly as you used to. If the woman valued your presence for your company and not for the various things you would help her out with, she would feel this absence. This would prod her into thinking about her own feelings for you.
Meet Other Women: Show her that you have desirability, that other women like what they see in you. Spend some time with other people and talk about them when you are with her. This might make her possessive about you and make her more eager to spend time with you.
Flirt with Her: Engage in harmless flirting and see how she reciprocates. Start being more physical, give her a hug when you meet her, hold her hand when you walk…however, do not be creepy. Take it slow, if you make her uncomfortable. Be sensitive to her reactions and adjust your moves accordingly.
Be Courageous: All the previous steps will be futile if you are not courageous enough to ask her out. Getting out of a friend zone is a risky proposition; you can either end a friendship forever or take it to the next level. You need to prepare yourself for every possibility.


It is not impossible to get out of a friend zone, but it is not simple either. Also, getting out of a friend zone does not necessarily mean that you will have a happy ending. Despite the risks involved, it is prudent to make this effort because it would put your feelings at rest. Depending on the outcome, you will either find yourself in a romance with your “friend” or moving on in search of a new relationship.