Overcome your Limiting Beliefs!


Focus On The Positive ConceptIt is the beliefs that we have in ourselves that largely determine what we do, how successful we are, and how motivated we are to do something. Our attitudes and beliefs are NEVER in the neutral. What this means is that our attitudes and beliefs are either holding us back, or moving us forward. As men, we often forget that ultimately WE CHOOSE what we believe, and that WE choose whether we are self confident, attractive men or dull, insecure, unattractive men.

The number ONE way that people sabotage their dreams is by projecting FEAR and DOUBT into their dreams. So when you have those negative, pessimistic thoughts that tell you that “You are not good enough”, “You are too old” or “It is impossible to happen”, TURN DOWN those negative thoughts and start LISTENING to your optimistic thoughts that will PROMISE you that your dreams and future endeavours will become a reality, as long as you continue to believe in yourself and rise above those current limiting beliefs.

What you need to do is create an action plan in order to accomplish what ever are your goals and dreams and realise that an action plan is what is required in order to help push your own self limiting beliefs to become STRONGER and more POWERFUL than what they are now. You MUST realise that obstacles will present themselves along the way, but you MUST remember that although these obstacles have the power to change your current direction, they should not and must not change the destination to which you are going.

Here are THREE tips to overcome your limiting beliefs!

Tip 1) Identify your current beliefs and attempt to identify where these beliefs came from! What do you think about yourself right now? Do you believe that you are attractive to women? What is it that has influenced your answer to these questions? Were you bullied when you were younger? Were your frequently praised when you were younger? By identifying how you feel about yourself now, and the cause of these beliefs, it is A LOT easier to make progress towards overcoming your current limiting beliefs. Think of a doctor. A doctor finds it A LOT easier to treat a patient if the doctor knows what the problem is and where the problem came from.

Tip 2) Focus more on the positive aspects of yourself! If you focus more on the positive aspects of yourself, it is A LOT easier to maintain a more optimistic mindset that is CRUCIAL in order to further extend your current limiting beliefs. Avoid focusing on the negative aspects of yourself too much, because this will almost always lead you to attaining a pessimistic mindset.

Tip 3) Identify EXACTLY the kind of person that you want to become! A map is almost completely useless without a destination, right? By identifying the kind of person that you want to become, you will be able to form a more clear pathway, and monitor your progress along the way. For example, you may currently be a very shy man who wants to become very confident and attractive to women. By identifying the kind of confident and attractive man that you want to become, it is A LOT easier to realise that this is possible and maintain this optimistic mindset.

Keep in mind that overcoming your limiting beliefs is a gradual process that takes time and effort! Do not try and look for any kind of “quick pill’, and just ensure that you get your journey towards a better self started right now! The sooner that you begin, the sooner that you overcome your own limiting beliefs!

These were tips to overcome your limiting beliefs!

Just trust the process!