Why She Lost Interest


A picture of an unhappy couple in a cafeYou may have been seeing a girl for a while now, and everything began perfectly. She loved everything about you, she wanted to be with you for seemingly every second of every day, and your relationship seemed unbreakable. But after some time or another, that “spark” in the relationship began to fade and she stopped seeing you as her first priority. You then began to wonder why she lost interest in you seemingly overnight.

So why has she lost interest?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why women lose interest in men. However, there are a few reasons that are the most common reasons as to why women lose interest in men. Here are 3 probable reasons as why she has lost interest in you.

Reason 1) You didn’t transition from the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship! You really need to understand that men and women really do think quite differently. Why is this relevant? Because men predominantly make decisions with their logical mind, whereas  women tend to make decisions with their emotional mind. As guys, if things are going great, we like to try and keep doing what we are doing because we believe that making any big changes could jeopardise what we currently have. But because women tend to think a little more emotionally than we do, they like to change what they are doing, more accordingly to what they are feeling.

The “honeymoon” phase of a relationship is when you are first getting to know each other and everything feels absolutely amazing. At this stage of the relationship, you both are still trying to get to know each other and everything is so much fun. However, there comes a point in time where she wants to move on from this stage in the relationship and begin to makes things a little more serious. She is unlikely to verbally mention this to you, but she will still expect that you will take it upon yourself to initiate the transition from the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship into the more serious part of the relationship. As a guy, you are not likely to understand that she doesn’t want to stay in the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship for a long period of time, and this is why she slowly but gradually may lose interest in you.

Reason 2) You prioritised her far too much! Yes women do like the fact that you think highly of them. However, when you focus on a girl just a little too much, she is going to think that you do not really have much of a life that sits outside from her existence. Women love men who have a vision and a sense of drive. Women love men who either know what they want in life, or are at least going in a particular direction. If you are spending far too much time and energy trying to contact her, she is just going to assume that your vision and sense of drive is simply nonexistent.

Reason 3) She simply thinks that you are not her ideal match! She could have been super nice and excited to see you, because she originally thought that a spark could be there. However, once she got to know you, she realised that you are not her kind of guy. This is nothing that you may need to fix. This is just fate. Some people are compatible with one another, and others are not. It just may not been your luck this time.

If you think that this could be the case, it is really important that you reach out to her and have a face to face conversation about this. Do not be afraid to be a little pushy and get the truth out of her, because if it is true that she believes that you two are incompatible, you may need to close this door and move on with your life.

What are some strategies that you could use in order to help her regain her interest in you? 

The best thing that you can do is give her time and space. The old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, has a large element of truth to it. If you give her time and space, she is likely to start thinking about you more and thinking about the good qualities that she sees in you. So just give her time, and give her space. If it is meant to be, she will come knocking for you.

These were 3 probable reasons as to why she lost interest in you!