Why Women Love Confident Men


According to relationship and dating experts, the one trait that appears on most women’s lists over and over when asked about their ideal man is confidence. Although women  do fancy nice guys, being a nice guy is often accompanied by being a pushover, submissive, and shy, which is the last thing any woman wants in a man. The bottom line is that women tend to be attracted to confident men.Dollarphotoclub_51783577

What confidence is not

Confidence does not mean having an overdeveloped ego, bravado, heroics, or arrogance. All these things only serve to cover up insecurities. Women are only looking for the real deal and not a man who puts on a flashy face of false bravery.

So what is Confidence?

Confidence is considered as an indicator of charisma, intelligence, power, good looks, and strength universally. Also, true confidence is self-assurance as genuinely confident men do not feel the need to try too hard. They are not out to prove anything to themselves, much less others and are secure in the knowledge of who they are and often exude a ‘can do’ attitude. It is thus little surprise that confidence is one of the first things that women notice in a man.

We will now look at 6 reasons as to why women love confident men!


Reason 1: Men with confidence pursue women

A confident man is able to pursue the woman he fancies without inhibition because he is not consumed with his own insecurities. This confidence is what puts women at ease, thereby creating a sense of security and safety in the relationship. Establishing such relational dynamics early on provides women with the sense that they can open up, let their guard down, and receive love.

Reason 2: Confident men are more successful

Needless to say, the effects of confidence extend beyond the dating realm. When a man is confident, success is more likely to follow in other areas of his life. A confident man is one who highly believes in himself- an attitude likely to go unnoticed. It will attract not only women, but success and promotion in his career. And since women are always looking for the ‘alpha male’ from a purely biological perspective, confidence in a man is a sure sign to a woman that they fit that description.

Reason 3: Confidence is a form of strength

Displaying confidence is the pinnacle behaviour of a confident man. It communicates reliability, capability, and strength. These qualities are synonymous with a sense of safety that is so important to women. In addition, women deem confident men as being emotionally stable and balanced which allows them to feel that there is a solid foundation upon which a lifelong relationship can be built.

Reason 4: Men with self confidence project self control

A confident man takes charge of his own life and becomes responsible for his fulfillment rather than waiting for others to make him happy. Consequently, this keeps him from desperately trying to force others into taking on that responsibility for him. For women, having such an attitude appeals greatly to them because it frees up a man to simply be present with his partner instead of only seeking their own fulfillment and pleasure.

Reason 5: Confident men understand women

Think about the first time you rode a bike. You probably did not fare very well because you did not have enough experience. You did not know how the bike would react to the movements you made. However, as you gained more experience, you became a lot better.

To be confident with women, you must first understand them. And understand that they are likely to test you at certain times and this is no reason for you to take it personally. This is especially so when at a bar or club setting where women will test you to establish how you feel about yourself. Confident guys usually know this and anticipate it. They do not think to themselves that all the women hate them and no one wants to talk to them. Instead, they understand the situation and know that women are only screening them and therefore they stay calm.

Reason 6: Confident men have goals

Confident men tend to be driven. Confident men see situations not as obstacles, but as learning opportunities. A large reason why a man may appear to be very confident is because that man has a sense of drive that pushes him to step outside of his comfort zone and continually grow and achieve as a person. Women absolutely love men that have goals that they are working towards. Having goals is a sign of growth, intelligence, independence and security.

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